current projects

I. Immigrant Urbanism

Five articles in progress focus on multigroup settlements and i) national affects, ii) social variety forces, iii) insurgent citizenship, iv) everyday urban fluxes, and v) municipal incubator programs.

II. Parrots, Planning, and the Urban Landscape

Research in progress for a chapter focusing on how feral parrots shape Los Angeles in Urban Animalia–an edited volume comprising essays examining the myriad forms of animal life that take hold in cities.

III. Alimentary Logistics

Research in progress for a co-authored book with Victor Cano Ciborro and Joseph Heathcott investigating New York City, Paris, and Mexico City’s food wholesale landscapes.

forthcoming projects

I. Care Cities

Forthcoming book project will examine New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Houston’s capacity to care in ways that include but exceed social welfare.

II. Death and Cities

Forthcoming research will investigate how migrants’ death practices shape and are influenced by new metropolitan surroundings.

past projects

I. Feeding City

Directed research for public reports focusing on COVID-19 impacts on small food enterprises in Toronto.

II. Urban Forest Initiative

Co-produced a short film demonstrating why urban practitioners must protect and preserve urban forests.

III. Reimagining Los Angeles’ Public Sphere

Co-produced a short film illustrating how Covid-19 influenced Los Angeles’ sidewalks.

IV. City Food

Digital research director for an international research project examining migrant patterns, public space, and informal labor practices through a comparative global lens.