noah allison


I am drawn to all aspects of cities, social politics, and urbanity. My research engages methodologies, theories, and approaches from the social sciences, humanities, and design disciplines to contribute to critical urban studies scholarship.


Multiculture Urbanism: Four forthcoming articles explore the relationship between socially heterogeneous settlements and i) spatial exclusions, ii) national affects, iii) everyday urban fluxes, and iv) insurgent citizenship.

Identity Politics of Care: One completed article examines how borders reproduce gendered labor of care, and two forthcoming articles investigate i) home care work in the face of the pandemic and ii) food incubator programs as infrastructures of municipal care.

Defiant Architecture: Forthcoming article explores how street hustlers are architectures of resistance against governing regimes and vehicular collisions.


Urban Fear: Book project examines how ordinary people, urban practitioners, and the state conceive, experience, deploy, and manage fear in two American migrant metropolises.

Alimentary Logistics: Co-authored book with Victor Cano Ciborro and Joseph Heathcott explores New York City, Mexico City, and Paris’ urban transformations by examining the consolidation of their wholesale food markets.

Death and Cities: Future research will investigate how immigrant death practices shape and are influenced by their new urban surroundings.


Feeding City: This research group investigated and disseminated research on covid-19 impacts on urban food infrastructures.

Urban Forest Initiative: Co-produced a short film scrutinizing the lack of tree canopy coverage in Los Angeles’ low-income neighborhoods.

Reimagining the Public Sphere: Co-produced a short film centering on how covid-19 changed the use and imaginaries of Los Angeles’ sidewalks.

City Food: Digital research director for a group investigating street food vending, informality, and governance in cities worldwide.